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DON JUAN MUTHAFUCKA!!! remix of November 18th by DRAKE - artist Drake represents to me one side of the celebrated "DON JUAN" bad-boy archetype in our culture and it’s interesting he is actually a Scorpio like me, the sign itself known as the archetypal Don Juan. Felt like I had so much to say about all this SH**** but recently, it’s like my spell worked and I’m feeling lighter than ever. I feel complete. And that’s what I was essentially doing - embodying and embracing within myself that which I feel has been my biggest kryptonite in life - the fuckboi, the liar, the unfaithful unattainable lover, the player. Let’s remember the misunderstood, little known shadow side of the Scorpio - their brooding negativity & outright fanaticism. Yes, we seek out emotional renewal in sex and something mystical, magical and otherworldly - something that may not actually be achieved (unless MAYBE your soul mate is an ascended tantric master you’ve made love to for billions of lifetimes***)) But when we don’t get what we want, we can become blinded by our own narrow opinions, losing sight of the bird’s eye view. The once mysterious, alluring and enigmatic SCORPIO is now a deadly cruel, vindictive, power-driven, cunning war-like pincher. Although we are driven at all times by a voracious need to MERGE with the other at a deep soul level, we are most often illusive and lonely, preferring to fantasize at the edge of the impossible than to risk dipping our toe in the OUTRIGHT FUCKERY we perceive the human race to be blindly engaging in at all times. We are so turned off by the hypocrisy and sham we perceive in the subtle undercurrents of society, our other greatest difficulty is actually TOLERANCE, not to mention relinquishing CONTROL. Many scorpions actually are so embarrassed by their own over-emotionalism they become brutally calcified, machinelike… their ambition settles into a disease of hyper-masculine over-achieving soothed with disembodied arousal (Drake’s songs are all about women or his Mom and yet he initially denied the fact that he had conceived a child with one). Which is a huge aspect of DON JUAN MUTHAFUCKA and my work overall… restoring consciousness and sacredness to sexuality, the soul-eclipsing eternal baby making magic. There is no such thing as casual sex! Coincidentally, Valentine’s Day occurs in Aquarius season which is the sign that so very much excels in seeing the bird’s eye view… originally V-day occurred at this time because it is when birds in the wild choose their mate. MAGIC IS REAL. Self-renewal being the ultimate GIFT of the Scorpio - the Ascended Scorpio becomes the noble eagle, sailing above it all. Original song title November 18th marks an auspicious day because it coincides with the peak of the yearly Leonid meteor shower, when Lil Wayne first called on Drake to work with him and my Birthday.