WORK > Grind 4 Da Shine

2nd Chakra Flow
6:27 min looping video sculpture
feat. Willow Smith as Goddess

Grind 4 Da Shine is a 2nd chakra yoga hip hop fusion flow positing Ciara and Willow Smith as Contemporary Goddess archetypes. Sampling from Ciara’s video Ride, I call attention to the choreography’s replication of the yogic asana known as Goddess, a hip opener deeply connected to creativity. I also conflate the foundational ‘Downward Dog’ or ‘Adho Mukha Svasana’ with the popular vernacular dance sissy nobby pioneered by Louisiana native Big Freedia. The soundtrack culls from major hip hop artists, overlaid with the sound of ‘bling’ and several tracks of Ujjayi Pranayama, a style of yogic breathe designed to mimic ocean waves; an elemental symbol of the sex chakra.

performative video sculpture
6:27 min