WORK > Abyssinia Scratchitti's Hip Hop Scholarship

Performative Video Sculpture
7:47 min

Abyssinia Scratchitti’s Hip Hop Scholarship is a post-colonial hip hop feminist cipher with a dash of otherwordly juju. In other words, I’m on some white b*tch sh*t. I’m on some hybridizing freaky-free sh*t. Hijacking ex-patriot supastar Josephine Baker’s banana belt, this work explores how white femininity is constructed through investments in black culture from blackface to MTV. How Christian fear of buttocks power is at the root of the racial spectacle foregrounding American pop culture. It’s also an homage to the Black Warrior Goddess of ancient India. Her primordial dark spirituality, developed by sages of South Asia, facilitates passage into the highest levels of consciousness and deepest levels of spiritual power. Say my name: KALI, or Bindachel ka jae! which is what the ancient Hindi called out when he was to be executed by the white Christian colonials who sought to eradicate the worshippers of The Black Gawdess Kali, whom the colonials called “thugs.”