• My ongoing practice encompasses interdisciplinary, research-based performative video sculpture, live performance and immersive social-practice influenced community ritual. A yogi of 18 years, this work is based in my long-term, active engagement cross-pollinating the languages of embodied feminism, yoga as ancient Hindu transcendentalism, folk-mythologies, the shamanic impulse and the spirituality of hip hop. Given the explosion of yoga in the West and growing “wellness” and “music” industries, I explore the detrimental ways in which the face of both yoga and popular music culture has become mired in Eurocentric beauty standards, puritanical Christian values and community-eroding mechanisms of consumer capitalism.

    My performative video sculpture explores via new media, sound and expressive movement the ‘slippage’ that occurs during the spectacular encounter of the Other in the break of mass mediated/Pop pedagogy around race, class and gender. Enhanced by my extensive knowledge of contemporary Goddess Archetypes, my work explores Hip Hop in all its incantations as a dynamic form of esoteric ‘cultural dreaming’ in which the authors, coauthors and fans of the genre use powerful symbols and lingering sounds that engage body, mind and group soul. This work is incantatory, embodied “Hip Hop Feminism” – the glittering alchemy that occurs when the symbol is transgressed and provides an explosive gateway into the infinite. Through bodily expression and digital collage overlay of hip hop gliteratti scavenged from the internet, my videos explore where the pictorial motifs and symbols of contemporary popular culture interface with the 5D cosmic archetypal realm of Gods and Goddesses.

    A major goal of my work is the preservation, cultivation and ultimate resurgence of the worship of the Great Mother Goddess, the reinstating of women as spiritual leaders worldwide, and the restoring to sacred status women’s genitalia and symbols of fertility. I’m interested in the shamanic medium as prehistoric queer.

    What particularly cemented itself in Japan, a major theme of my film SOLARA Saturnalia Kawaii Kali REDUX, is the primordial connection between the snake and the rainbow. The snake/rainbow share a special relationship in mythology throughout the world. Often personified as a multicolored, kaleidoscopic “Dragon of Consciousness” or “Celestial Serpent” these shared symbols connect to the ancient realm of gender-blending Shamanesses, twin-spirits who have the power to travel to the spirit world, connect to supernatural beings and serve the community as oracles. Relics of serpent worship exist in major religions and folklore throughout the globe, well illustrated within Hinduism as the Chakra system/Kundalini Shakti. Within Native American traditions, the WHIRLING RAINBOW PROPHECY states that the “whirling rainbow” is a “promise of peace among all Nations and all people” brought to light by the children of the “Rainbow Race.”

    As the queer, transnational, feminist collective Go! Push Pops, our collaboration-based model enables us to work with a rotating hive of artists, allowing our freewheeling creative work and consciousness-raising to spread out tribally like a rhizome. Eschewing the Art world’s crumbling commercial marketplace and fetishistic relationship to difference and Otherness, our work is traced down through the lineages of folk art (to use today’s vernacular - shamanism, witchcraft, hip hop, yoga). We also have a developing Sacred Arts workshop model we’ve used working with at-risk youth and adults in Brooklyn and the UK, as well as in Japan.