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Call it Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti or non-binary… the union of masc/femme energy is the basic building blocks of enlightenment, aka Kundalini Rising aka cosmic-sex-union! In yoga we have Ardhanarishvara The Half-Woman Lord. Wild God Shiva & Virgin Goddess Parvati are lovers occupying two halves of one body, a symbolic representation of the marriage between spirit-body + wisdom-love. PARVATI SLICE… my take on The Half-Woman Lord, straight-out-the Lion’s Gate Portal! The chorus is Parvati’s SWAYAMWARA mantra, used traditionally for attracting a divine consort! It’s a mantra for duality-in-unity, or the dance of polarities. Learn the mantra + sing-along:


*Aum Hrim yoginam yogeshwari
Yoga bhayankari sakala sthavara
Jangam asyamukha hridayama mamah
Vasamakarsha adarshaya svaha*

A Mantra for पार्वती Parvati, Goddess of Sacred Marriage. Goddess of Yoga & relatedness, Parvati support’s folks struggling to find a balance between strength/softness, devotion/autonomy, willfulness/playfulness, sexuality/spirituality. Often depicted in explicit sexual union, Parvati is inextricably connected to Shiva, the Wild God of Power and Ecstasy also called the Moon’s Lord. Their eons of erotic play atop clouds is a metaphor for the union of stillness and power, of wisdom and bliss - how the ecstasy and pain of life in a body is precisely in the illusion of separation. A mantra for duality-in-unity, or the dance of polarities and attracting a divine consort or Shiva into your life.

Without women, there is no bliss At the heart of Tantric practice lies a deep respect for the feminine as spiritual authority. Enter Parvati: Goddess of the Sacred Marriage and relatedness, yogini of seductive radiance, seeker of truth. Parvati’s powerful + tender, willful + playful. Tuning into Parvati is tuning into your own longing for sacred partnership: the union between the fully realized feminine + masculine, the dance of intimacy where two powerful beings become one without sacrificing individuality.