My ongoing practice encompasses interdisciplinary installation art, assemblage, performance and socially engaged community ritual. This work is based in my long-term, active engagement cross-pollinating the languages of embodied feminism, yoga, folk-mythologies, the shamanic impulse and holistic hip hop. Given the explosion of yoga in the West and growing “wellness” and “music” industries, as a pioneer of Hip Hop Yoga since 2011 I explore the detrimental ways in which the face of both yoga and popular music culture has become mired in Eurocentric beauty standards, puritanical Christian values and community-eroding mechanisms of consumer capitalism.

    A major goal of my interdisciplinary art practice is the preservation, cultivation and ultimate resurgence of the worship of the Great Mother Goddess, the reinstating of women as spiritual leaders worldwide, and the restoring to sacred status women’s genitalia and symbols of fertility. I’m invested in the shamanic medium as prehistoric queer and the role of the artist as medium between worlds.

    My installations, wearables and happenings are an Art form bloated with the genital poetry of the Goddess. My textile works are hand-sewn, fabric based sculptural pieces made from recycled materials that have multiple uses as ritual talismans, wearables, ecstatic birth blankets, dreamcatchers and traveling altars. Each has its own total vision and tapestry of meaning. All these aspects function as would yantras - crystallizing my relatedness to all that is, the woven, devouring nature of reality. More immersive installations become experimental spaces for ritual, play and performance for creatives inclined to the sacred arts. Unorthodox Yogis blending spiritual practice with indigenous intuited herstories, hip hop artists fusing the rap cipher and Hindu kirtan (“mother tongues” based on the power of call and response, or “word to the Mother”). Organic energy exchanges and rich cultural dialogues are the basis of my installations and spaces, and my transformational work lies under a sacred canopy of co-created ritual and magic to align with higher consciousness This is an Art that naturally straddles genres, a profound language forging a pathway between worlds.


    Katie Cercone High Prieztezz Or Nah is a visionary artist, scribe, prieztezz and spiritual gangsta hailing from the blessed coast. Cercone has performed or shown work in exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum, Bronx Museum, Dallas Contemporary, Momenta Art, C24 Gallery, Changjiang Museum China, Dodge Gallery and Aljira Center for Contemporary Art. She has published critical writing in ART PAPERS, White Hot, Posture, Brooklyn Rail, Hysteria, Bitch Magazine, Utne Reader and N.Paradoxa. As co-leader of the radical, queer, transnational feminist collective Go! Push Pops, Cercone spearheaded a 400-women strong takeover of the Whitney Museum in 2014 known as “The Clitney Perennial,” and was awarded the Culture Push Fellowship for Utopian Practice the same year. In 2015 she was a distinguished National Endowment for the Arts Fellow for the U.S.-Japan Exchange Program in Tokyo (JUSFC). Her work has been featured in Dazed, MILK, Interview, Japan Times, Huffington Post, ART 21, Hyperallergic, PAPER, Art Fag City, Washington Post, and Art Net TV among others. Cercone has curated shows for Momenta Art, KARST (UK), Cue Art Foundation, Local Project and NurtureArt. Cercone is adjunct faculty at the School of Visual Arts where she teaches GENDER TROUBLE in the Visual & Critical Studies Department. Katie was awarded the Franklin Furnace Award Fund in 2020.

    Follow her on Instagram @0r__nah_spiriturlgangsta