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Venus Rx
Venus Rx
astro-feminist oracle installation

VENUS Rx is an interactive astro-feminist performance experience drawing wisdom from matrifocal mystery traditions and cultural folklore about Venus (center of the Feminist Zodiac). VENUS Rx aims to correct the patriarchal monopoly on mythic destiny, fortifying collective social-emotional wellness around the concept of Love most broadly defined. Visitor’s enter the Venus Rx performative installation space to receive 5-15 min guided in-person sessions with OR NAH breaking down their Venus placement, followed by symbolic placement within a hand-sewn “ASTRO LOVE Map” - a tapestry I will sew on-site as part of the process. Venus “Goddess of Love” in a natal chart indicates our desired love language, ways we bond, values, aesthetic sense, sense of justice and innermost Earth. Verbal ice-breakers like "What's Your Venus Sign?" draw passersby into a contagious new portal of understanding. Sessions conclude with a commitment ceremony at the communal altar, with tailored mantras and asanas (yogic stretches) designed for soul-growth. Offerings of intentional, hands-on practical magic help participants explore “relationship” - first and foremost, relationship to self (Venus symbolizes self-worth and worthiness). Participants exit the performance installation revived to the process and practice of love, with an increased capacity to meaningfully relate.

photo credit: Laura Magic Weyl, Chashama Gala (2023)